Send a Letter to the Editor: Public Transit Cuts Will Hurt Communities Like Yours

For decades, public transportation has received bipartisan support from Congress. But now the Administration’s proposed cuts to public transportation funding threaten public transit improvement and expansion for American communities across the country.

We need a sensible federal budget that improves infrastructure, supports American jobs, and spurs economic growth. Funding public transportation helps accomplish all of these goals, yet the Administration is now proposing to cut public transportation funding.

Please submit a letter to the editor(s) of your local paper(s) that highlights the threat of public transit funding cuts and urges your members of Congress to champion public transportation funding and include investment in public transit as part of any new infrastructure initiative.

You can use the sample text provided below. Feel free to personalize the message to reflect your own voice and views. Once you finish composing your message, simply click “Send Letter” to submit your letter to the editor(s) of your local paper(s).

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